black & wade
Logo and basic identity package for Black & Wade, international high-end textile retailer.​​​​​​​
Color and typeface communicate the high-end materials and modern sensibilities the company provides it's clients. Classic navy blue is paired with an unexpected, almost flourescent, goldish green. A classic typeface, (Perpetua Titling) is combined with an equally elegant, yet less restrained, script (Aphrodite Pro) to achieve this.
crest cleaning Solutions
Logo and basic identity package for Crest Cleaning, a family-owned and operated professional and residential cleaning company.​​​​​​​
Clean, classic and deceptively simple, this logo is layered with meaning. A warm and open typeface, Interstate, kindles trust and welcomes clients. The basic structure is made up of two C’s, one forward and one backward, which together create an abstract S forming the initial letters in Crest Cleaning Solutions. The two C’s link together, symbolizing not only the business owner's partnership in the company, but their united inspiration, as a couple, to deliver a service to others when they need it most. This simple logotype is balanced by warm, welcoming colors that evoke trust and professionalism.

Crest Cleaning Solutions identity package including business cards, letterhead and envelope designs.

Crest Cleaning Solutions style guide includes color palette, typeface specifications, logo configurations, logo mark, mobile and social media icons.

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